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︎︎︎TR3NSAVIA: Taking ownership of the PS ‘R3’ button and the airplane celebration to promote the low fair airline Transavia in a game they couldn’t afford to advertise in.  

(2 x Cannes Lions Social & Influencer shortlists)

︎︎︎ Only the most wealthy companies can afford to advertise in Fifa. For the low fare airline Transavia, buying ad space in the game and competing with other major airlines was not an option. So we found another way to make Transavia to take off in the game.

︎︎︎ After scoring a goal with a Fifa player, different buttons on the joystick makes the player perform different ‘celebrations’. The R3 button makes the player do an ‘airplane’ celebration, and we turned those into ads for Transavia. We gave everyone the chance to win tickets to the city of the player they scored with if they simply used the airplane celebration and posted a screenshot on Twitter, which can be done directly from PS by the push of a button. This way any airplane celebration became a free ad for Transavia – even if the players had “Emirates” or “Etihad” on the jersey. By taking off in the game people could take off for real, and they did.

︎︎︎ Had a great time making this with Joseph Rozier, Théophile Robaglia, Sørine Rossing and the talented team @ Marcel Paris.



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